The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from Mafac October 2019, Brisbane Course

“Lecture program was faultless. Anatomy 10/10.”
 – Darryl Hodginkson 

“Yes would definitely recommend the MAFAC course to colleagues because MAFAC has its philosophy to educate anatomy and very systematic.”
 – Dan Li

“All better than expected, excellent content & faculty.”
 – Rodrigo Teixeira

“Great faculty with personal insight. A terrific Course to better understand facial spaces.”
 – Adrian Ooi

“The panel discussion is a great inclusion to the Course.”
 – Jeremy Hunt

“A terrific Course to better understand facial anatomy.”
 – Tarek Bayzed

“Well presented and clear lecture program.”
 – Megan Hassall

“Good lectures and Course programming. I, would definitely recommend MAFAC to my colleagues.”
 – Njde Hambarchian

“Yes would definitely recommend MAFAC to colleagues especially those who would like to embark on facelift surgery.”
 – CM

“Yes would definitely recommend the MAFAC colleagues because the course is very helpful for operation.”
 – Ray Ying

“It was great time to see various SMAS manipulation method.”
 – Young Mook

“Excellent opportunity for dissection. Supervisor (Dr Kennedy) was immensely helpful. It is generally an excellent course with diverse faculty.”
 – Assad Bangash

“Yes the course has changed my understand in facial spaces immensely.”
 – Ellis Choy

“Expert advice appreciated thank you. Yes the course has absolutely helped in an anatomical clinician application”
 – Michael Woodfield

“The course was perfect and our instructor Dr Sharaf was really humble and excellent. I would definitely recommend the MAFAC course to colleagues as it’s extremely useful for understanding anatomy.”
 – Indri Putri

“I love Prof Mendelson’s dissection part, it’s beautiful!”
 – Siti Wahdini

“I would definitely recommend the MAFAC course to colleagues.”
 – Sheree Moko

“I am feeling more confident with facial spaces after this Course.”
 – R Chen

“All areas were well covered. Always useful to have anatomical discussions.”
 – Achraf Hamdan

“Excellent AV and dissection room. Great anatomical information and just a really fun time interacting with colleagues.”
 – Ajay Chauhan

“Excellent Course.”
 – Reema Hadi

“Good speakers and instruments. Plenty of time. More confident in deep plane anatomy.”
 – Michael Weymouth

“Excellent Course.”
 – Paul Audi

“Excellent dissection sessions. Excellent course manual.”
 – Ryan Livingstone

“Keeps getting better each time thank you.”
 – Anh Nguyen

“Soft tissue functionality over anatomical.  I would definitely recommend MAFAC course.”
 – Amy O’Connor

“Lecture program was fantastic.”
 – Anton Governor

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from Mafac May 2018, New Orleans Course

“Great quality cadavers, instruments and Faculty assistance. More time would be nice”
 – Deborah White – USA

“Excellent lecture program. Computer graphics very clueless. Forehead discussion – more time. The course manual was very clear. This course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy because of the use of space, I would recommend MAFAC to Colleagues as it’s a very important anatomical structured approach. Full day course is better”
 -Karel Otto Taams – CURACAO

“Great specimens only. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy. Too short. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to Colleagues. More time for neck forehead”
 – Nagi Ayoub – USA

“Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues. Little short on upper face seemed hurried. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy by
constellation and dissection made things much clearer”
 – Aniket Sakharpe – USA

“Middle face excellence. Neck deficiency. More time to deal with complications. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy because of the
forehead anatomy space. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to Colleagues as it is very useful to fully understand the anatomy and face lift sequence. More time and keep the sequence like the surgery.”
 – Kemming Wang – CHINA

“Missed the neck. Add a video of a complete facelift cut to show the important parts. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy as it has taken
away the fear. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues”
 – Kristian Simko – SLOVAKIA

“Would be better as a full day course to cover other areas in detail. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues. Great course! I feel more comfortable with deep spaces, this course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy.”
 – Omar Fouda Neel – CANADA

“Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy as I have a better understanding of the facial space.”
 – Dan Li – CHINA

“I loved the videos on five patients as it helps to show the anatomy better. More repetition the better.  I thought we should have completed the zygomatic space before the eyelid/tear trough anatomy. We had already made the cuts through the lids/cheek. Course manual was easy to read. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy because of the dimensional anatomy understanding. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues as it’s helpful to understand
facial anatomy. The camera work was ok, bad lighting”
 – Benjamin Boudreaux – USA

“Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy. Yes I would recommend the MAFAC course to colleagues. Andres was excellent”
 – Paul Audi – LEBANON

“Very Didditic. We just missed the temporal part. Very good in general. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy as I now understand
three dimension. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues as it’s useful for every surgeons plastics.”
 – Javier Garcia – MEXICO

“Superb content. More time overall. Only complaint would be too have more time. I would definitely recommend MAFAC to colleagues, the Course included superb content and has changed my understanding of facial anatomy as I have a greater understanding of the sub SMAS plane.”
 – Russell Babbit – USA

“Very good sessions. The course manual was very good and also very detailed. Yes the course has definitely changed my understanding of facial anatomy because I can see the anatomy. I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues.”
 – Alejandro Najar Mendez – MEXICO

“I would 100% recommend MAFAC to colleagues.”
 – Seth Jones – USA

“Well organised Course, it is extremely useful with tutor at each station. The course manual was clear and concise. Allocated spaces/dissection allowing tutorial excellence. Clear and well presented lectures. Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy as it improves my understanding”
 – Sheree Moko – AUS

“Yes the course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy a little bit. I have known of MAFAC and Mendelson’s. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues”
 – Yu Jin Kwon – REPUBLIC of KOREA

“Yes the course has changed my understanding as it took my understanding to the next level. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues as it’s a much improved understanding of facial anatomy”
 – Daniel Hatef – USA

“Management of platysma. Mandibular ligaments not well covered. More time needed for management of upper face and prezygomatic spaces. Excellent content and well presented. MAFAC has increased my knowledge and confidence in Sub SMAS technique. Overall a great course but a full day would have been better. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues”
 – Jason Hall – USA

“The lecture program was clear and concise, course manual was well set out and complimentary to prepare reading. This well-structured course has changed my understanding of facial anatomy as it helps to better understand the 3D anatomy including spaces. Well structured. Would be valued lecture on management of the neck. Cadaver in good condition. Yes I would recommend MAFAC to colleagues. Would be better to have a full day”
 – Michael Weymouth – AUS

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from Mafac October 2018, Melbourne Course

“I recommend this Course to new consultant for a new better way of understanding.”
 – Dr Leo Kim – AUS

“The Course has very much improved my understanding of facial anatomy, going forward with less hesitate of anatomy spaces.”
 – Dr James Finkemeyer – AUS

“Highly recommended; the best facial anatomy in the world”
 – Hsieh Tung –  Taiwan

“This course has allowed me to be more confident if facelift surgery.”
 – Chen Chien Chen – Taiwan

“I have a better understanding of the facial nerve, feel safer in difficult areas.”
 – Benjamin Burt – AUS

“Excellent Lectures, especially Dr Mendelson who is so easy to listen to. It was a great to start the Course at 4pm with pre-course session.”
 – Heather Le Cocq – NZ

“Great lectures all very well explained. The dissection session were clearly demonstrated with great tutors available.”
 – Drew Cronin – AUS

“This is my second MAFAC and it has changed my understanding in facial anatomy; the lectures and course DVD gave me clear guiding points to navigate through the anatomy of the face.”
 – Njde Hambarchian – Germany

“Free time during the dissection sessions was most useful and an excellent time to practice what was learnt. I highly recommend this Course.”
 – Fraser Gilmour – AUS

“Most helpful dissection tutors, always keen to help. I feel empowered to explore subsmas dissections. Levent Efé work in illustration within lectures and dissection manual are amazing!”
 – Rizwan Sheikh – AUS

“Lecture program was clear, well-illustrated and organised. Evidence based anatomic studies. It was good to skip base anatomy and focus on advanced anatomy and applied anatomy. Dissection sessions had very good audio visual and excellent dissection tutors and Faculty.”
 – Rodrigo Teixeira – AUS

“High level of anatomic lectures, details and well-explained. Friendly faculty and wonderful cadaver lab facility.”
 – Juliana Spitz – Brazil

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from Mafac April 2018, New York Course

“The program perfectly complimented the pre-reading material. The sessions were led by fantastic leaders and facilitators. This Course has truly changed my understanding of the Temporal branch.”
 – Brooke French – USA

“This Course has totally improved my facial anatomy understanding. The instructional videos were superb, clear and compressive.”
 – William Dougherty – USA

“Excellent, wished it was longer!”
 – Sarah Al Youha – CANADA

“This Course has conceptually improved why, how and to what extent we should be dissecting.”
 – George Min – USA

“Great course, makes me want to consider deep plane dissecting.”
 – Vivian Ting – USA

“Great pace, plenty of time, excellent instructions with clear explanation of directions.”
 – Charles Slack – USA

“Excellent AV equipment, great visualisations with TV screens at each table. Very good illustrations.”
 – Aric Aghayan – USA

“New way of learning surgical anatomy. Ground breaking! More people need to learn the deep space technique.”
 – D’Arcy Honeycutt – USA

“Unique information with revolutionary approach to lower face and spaces.”
 – Elizabeth Morgan – USA

“Excellent theory and demonstration of ligaments and spaces concepts. Dissection Tutor was extremely helpful.”
 – Steven Fern – USA

“Outstanding course and clearly delivered with very easy to understand step by step instructions.”
 – Gary Tuma – USA

“Take home video content on USB is a great plus. I would recommend this Course for its exceptional faculty and content.”
 – Poon-Sing Wing – USA

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from Mafac October 2017

“Dr Mendelson’s lectures made a great difference. Dr Botti and Labbé brought a wealth of experience with them. Very impressive ensemble.“
 – Assad Bangash – AUS

“A total and logical approach to submas anatomy.”
 – Adel Fatta – UK

“Outstanding faculty.”
 – Basel Sharaf – USA

“Course was very helpful and well organised. Nicely done.”
 – Art Foley – USA

“Loved the Q&A’s.  From theory to direct practice it doesn’t get any better. Level of expertise is mind blowing!”
 – Amro Amr – Germany

“Course content was perfect, allowing the understanding of facial anatomy to be much clearer. This course is essential to understanding facial anatomy.”
 – Decio Portella – Brazil

“An excellent learning experience.”
 – David Caminer – AUS

“Good exposure to fresh cadavers”
 – Mark Hanikeri – AUS

“Very helpful demonstrations. This course has changed my understanding in the prezygomatic space.”
 – Florencio Lucero – Philippines

“Excellent comprehensive demonstrations”
 – Marc Seifman – AUS

“Reinforced the anatomy taught last course.”
 – Gavin Sandercoe – AUS

“Brilliant dissection manual. Solo dissection manual at the end of the Course extremely valuable.”
 – Sain Fairbank – AUS

“Every time we are exposed to cadavers we learn more anatomy.”
 – Jose Salas – MEX

“Course program and lectures clear and to the point. Great to have the neck covered.”
 – John de Waal – NZ

“This course has provided clarity and confidence working in the spaces.”
 – Peter Laniewski – AUS

“Good illustrations. Useful and practical knowledge.”
 – Chao-Huei Wang – Taiwan

“This Course has allowed me to ably, safely and confidently do facelift techniques.”
 – Heng- Jen Liu – Taiwan

” Great helpful dissection tutors, thank you!”
 – Michael Woodfield – AUS

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the April 2017, San Diego Course:

“Lots of rotating Faculty. Very worthwhile. Thank you.“
 – Keith Denkler – USA

“This course changed my understanding of facial ligament understanding. Keep up the good work.”
 – Steve Lex – USA

“Great content and illustrations. Instructor to delegate ration and Course manual was excellent.”
 – Rani Umul Khai – AE

“Course was very helpful and well organised. Nicely done.”
 – Art Foley – USA

“Good content and illustrations with excellent diagrams and explanations.”
 – David Caminer – Australia

“Course content was perfect, allowing the understanding of facial anatomy to be much clearer. This course is essential to understanding facial anatomy.”
 – Decio Portella – Brazil

“I am excited to begin implementing the facial spaces technique in my practice. This course is most helpful with innovative ideas.”
 – DÁrcy Honeycutt – USA

“I would recommend this Course to all Plastic Surgeons.”
 – Jair Maciel Rosa – Brazil

“Best Course I’ve taken and I’ve taken a lot of cadaver courses. Thank you, hope to be back.”
 – Elizabeth Morgan – USA

“This Course changed my understanding spaces and facial nerves with a happy and engaging faculty.”
 – Brinda Thimmappa – USA

“Great supervisor with understanding approach. I would take the Course again, I am sure I can benefit further the second time around.”
 – Anh Nguyen – USA

“Understand the anatomy much better. I will the full Course in Melbourne.”
 – Kara Mahmood – USA

“Great anatomy Course. I will recommend this Course to other Plastic Surgeons.”
 – David Williamson – USA

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the November 2016, Melbourne Course:

“Step by Step, appropriate to all areas. Cadaver participant ratio was excellent.“
 – Jacky Richa – USA

“A very excellent course, I learned a lot, thanks for everything.”
 – Wang Chao Huei – TAIWAN

“Of course I will recommend the MAFAC course and I would like to join if there is advanced course.”
 – Heng-Jen Liu – TAIWAN

“I love MAFAC, thankyou.”
 – Kang Bumsik – SOUTH KOREA

“Knowledgefull faculty, very approachable, excellent diagrams and illustrating important details, otherwise difficult to grasp. Well worth the trip. All in all, best dissection course I have attended.”
 – Basel Sharaf – USA

“Excellent Course, perhaps another day of dissecting and one cadaver per person?”
 – D’Arcey Honeycutt – USA

“Yes, great hands on experience.”
 – Sami Nizami – USA

“Definitely, I have benefitted from the course and will come back next year for masterclass.”
 – Wei Chi Su – TAIWAN

“Yes. Very comprehensive and lower the risks of further surgeries.”
 – Yu-chen (Susan) Ho – TAIWAN

“Yes, I would recommend the MAFAC to my colleagues and the course was most interesting and informative that I learned a lot about facial anatomy.”
 – Yen-Yi-Ho – TAIWAN

“Yes, very helpful for surgeons.”
 – Ying-Che Hsu

“I am sure I will be here again for next year! Excellent. Thanks a lot”
 – Tung-Ying Hsieh – TAIWAN

“Yes. This course is very helpful to surgeons who wants to improve this result in facelifts”
 – Yung- Chiou Lin

“A very good course and will certainly recommend my colleagues to come in the future.”
 –  Hian Chan Ng – MALAYSIA

“Yes, better understanding of anatomy and principles”
 – Angamuthn RAJOO – MALAYSIA

“The best cadaver course ever. Georgie was perfect, she was so nice and effective and always helpful. Congratulations to all of the team and instructors.”
 – Renato De Paula – BRAZIL

“A wonderful weekend of colleagiality and my understanding of facial anatomy increases everytime I do the course. I’ll be back again ”
 – David Chong – AUS

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the November 2015, Melbourne Course:

“Best facial anatomy Course I have ever taken. It has elevated my understanding of facial anatomy to a whole new level.”
 – William Lao – Taiwan

“I have done several Courses with cadaver labs around the world and by far this is the most clear in terms of dissection mastering. Thank you Dr Mendelson and all the spectacular team for this enriching experience. I will recommend this Course to any plastic surgeon looking to learn high quality plastic surgery.”
 – Andres Freschi – Argentina

“An excellent Panel. Friendly sincere guidance. New productive teaching for facelift”
 – Talal Dashti – Kuwait

“This was the best academic activity I have done in my career!”
 – Juan Cedrola – Brazil

“Probably the best facial anatomy Course in the world. Logically structured program, attentively prepared lectures and nicely organised dissection sessions. I strongly recommend it, especially young plastic surgeons who pursue excellence in their facial rejuvenation practice. A special thanks to Georgie.”
 – Hakan Gundogan – Turkey

“I asked the MAFAC speakers to answer my questions regarding specific topics. The answers gave me a lot more clarification that I can incorporate into my daily practice. They all were based on the knowledge of anatomy that is why things were clearer for me. You just can’t believe that a few words can matter so much. I believe that every moment spent at this Course was priceless. Thank you.”
 – Dmitry Batiukov – Belarus

“Face lifting is undertrained. Without this level of understanding anatomy the outcomes are going to be less predictable and poorer. This Course was the best thing I have done since I qualified!”
 – Paul McGarr – South Africa

“Very good! It changed my point-of-view to do anatomical facelifts not to get the ‘lift look’. Thanks!”
 – Shan Yun Chen – Taiwan

“I came with my colleague after the Chang Gung Conference in October 2015. I received the whole concept about space and the ligaments which is very helpful whether for surgery or filler injections. I will recommend to my friends because the faculty is so good and strong.”
 – Chi Chen Huang – Taiwan

“I would definitely recommend this Course to my colleagues. I feel very fortunate to have learnt this wonderful technique and have better understanding of the anatomy. I think it should be a prerequisite for all plastic surgeons wanting to do face work.”
 – Linda Monshizadeh – Australia

“I will highly recommend to my colleagues – not being critical but the Course beats every other one!”
 – Jae-Goo Kang – South Korea

“The spaces and ligaments concept has absolutely changed how I view/understand facial ageing.”
 – Samuel Yang – Australia

“Well organised. Tutors were patient, helpful and supportive. Never felt pressured or under inspection or assessment.”
 – Paul McGarr – South Africa

“It has provided me with a profound understanding of the course of the facial nerve.”
 – Jan Wynands – Germany

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the October 2014, Melbourne Course:

“The most productive two days of further conviction I have had in many years.”
 – Mark Lee – Western Australia, Australia

“World class Faculty & Course – as a Melbournian I am proud that this Course exists here! Congratulations to all concerned!!”
 – Howard Webster – Victoria, Australia

“I am enthusiastic about recommending MAFAC to both junior and experienced colleagues. Faculty comprised of researchers who have defined much of the relevant anatomy and make major contributions to the literature, and who are willing to share their vast clinical experience in the field. They made this Course exceed expectations and I can emphatically say that it is superior to the Stamford Facial Plastics Course and the Dallas Aesthetic Surgery Course, each of which I have attended. Thank you to all contributors!”
 – Stuart Newland – Victoria, Australia

“Clean, comfortable, strategic. Lovely coffee, could use more food for lunch, maybe just me? EXCELLENT DINNERS though, outstanding!”
 – Laureen Supit – Indonesia

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the May 2014, Melbourne Course:

“Excellent Course that gave participants a deep understanding of facial anatomy all in 2 days! The step-by-step approach to each dissection made learning easy. Convenient at the city edge. Facilities were excellent.”
 – Harry Fok – Singapore

“Has changed a lot; The layers, the nomenclature of structures, the spaces, safe and danger zones, especially sub-SMAS dissection.”
 – Georgios Kolios – Germany

“I received detailed information about facial anatomy which I believe will be so helpful to be able to operate with confidence.”
 – Sunao Furuta – Japan

“I will tell my colleagues that MAFAC is the most excellent anatomy Course in the world!”
 – Haewon Yang – South Korea

“I was very impressed not only with the standard of this Course but the enthusiasm, passion and commitment of the Faculty to teaching and sharing this amazing anatomy. I will probably re-do this Course in a few years and see what new research and anatomy developments have been made. Excellent venue, big enough and lovely to get outside during breaks. Close to the CBD and hotels. Very good food and the evening dinners were lovely, a real treat and of an exceptional standard! A big thank you.”
 – Kirstin Miteff – Western Australia, Australia

“This was an outstanding educational experience run in a professional & organised manner & delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable faculty. Lecture room & dissection room both high quality. Thank you.”
 – Roger Woods – South Australia, Australia

“I would recommend it to fellow SET 4 Trainees as this is a very useful as an exam preparation tool.”
 – Naila Mouratova – South Australia, Australia

“Very good, selection of Asian & vegetarian. Nice coffee!”
 – Joo-Hak Kim – South Korea

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the April 2014, San Francisco Course:

“I thought the Course in San Francisco was one of the most exceptional educational experiences of my career.”
 – Richard Bensimon – Portland Oregon, USA

“Yes, I will recommend. We need more excellent anatomical course to improve our skills and our knowledge. We need to concentrate the course as much as possible. Probably we have to study as much information previous to the course. THANKS and CONGRATULATION TO ALL THE GROUP!”
 – Ana Santamaria

“Would recommend.”
 – Keith Denkler

“It should be mandatory before starting these procedures, the price is high but fair.”
 – Martin Janssen

“I had not enough information about the different spaces and the relation with facial nerve. This information is very useful for me to perform the surgery more safely, independent of the type of facelift.”
 – Ana Santamaria

“Major improvement in understanding of the facial nerve Courses in the face.”
 – Keith Denkler

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the 2013 meeting:

“Very well organised Course to allow you to move from vagueness to clear understanding.”
 – Yoon Seok – South Korea

“Best Facial Anatomy Course anywhere in the world. Period! The MAFAC Course was the best Course I have ever attended. It has expanded and cemented my knowledge of facial anatomy like never before. For that I’m truly grateful.”
 – Tim Papadopoulos – New South Wales, Australia

“It should be compulsory for recent Plastics FRACS Fellows.”
 – Jeremy Wilson – Victoria, Australia

“I would definitely recommend this Course. The teachers take responsibility for ensuring your understanding and make it clear that any issues are probably due to their explanations rather than the delegate’s stupidity! This encouraged a lot of questions which helped expand the applicability of the anatomical principles and enhanced understanding. A really enjoyable couple of days.”
 – Hywel Dafydd – New Zealand

“Having two participants per cadaver is the most valuable part of the Course. The facilitators have been more invaluable.”
 – Steven Liew – New South Wales, Australia

“ It is a Course that will bring the practice of facial surgery to the highest level.”
 – Timothy Shim – Singapore

“I would definitely recommend the Course to anyone from new surgeons to experts who can learn something from this Course.”
 – Joyce Aycock – Colorado, USA

“The structured and progressive approach to complex facial anatomy was immensely useful in furthering my understanding. I am sure it will help my patients. The Course, conceptualizes facial anatomy in terms of spaces and ligaments is extremely useful and aids dissection of those areas.”
 – Sean Chan – New Zealand

“Best coffee I have ever had at a meeting.”
 – Andrew Khoo – Singapore

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the 2011 meeting:

“An Outstanding Course!

  • The fine attention to detail in every aspect of the practical side (equipment, detailed instruction, even having Terry and others coming around and tidying up our instrument mess), ensured a smooth running, productive course.
  • The lecture content, timed to pre-cede each dissection session, was also excellent – again the detailed explanations were helpful.
  • Lots of time for the dissection (++)
  • Having just two people per head (++++)
  • The lunches and teas were very nice
  • Having espresso coffee on hand all the time – must be a first for any course and was much appreciated!
  • Informal discussion – even in the middle of the talks (+)
  • Very friendly, helpful organizational staff and one-to-one focus tutors – left without wanting.
  • I can’t really fault anything. All in all an EXCELLENT COURSE! Sincere thanks.”

 – Dr. Russell Aldred, Consultant Plastic Surgeon St. Vincents Hospital – Sydney, Australia

“MAFAC certainly helps a lot in building confidence in facial surgery.  I’m very glad I came to learn more, even at my age.”
 – Dr. Florencio Lucero, Secretary General of Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons – Manila, Philippines

“This was a fantastic course that combined detailed relevant anatomy and its application to facial surgery.  My understanding of facial anatomy was significantly enriched.  I recommend this course to anyone who operates on the face for both cosmetic and reconstructive cases.”
 – Dr. Mansoor Mirkazemi – Melbourne, Australia

“You gave me the courage of going down to the SMAS. I learnt a lot in two days. For me facelift is multilayer and multivectional surgery. Sub SMAS using the spaces, which are at the centre. Thanks a lot. I will keep following you.”
 – Dr. Erhan Eryilmaz – Turkey

“Fantastic Conference. Learnt so much. Lots of dissection time and only two surgeons per cadaver were excellent. Plenty of instructors on hand. The smallish group is good for camaraderie.”
 – Dr. Richard Maxwell – Melbourne, Australia

“This is a very good course for plastic surgeons who want more understanding of facial anatomy and importantly on practical facial surgery. I am very appreciative for everything and I think the teaching was excellent. I will be recommending this course for all of my colleagues.”
 – Dr. Thanakom Laisakul – Thailand

“The course is excellent. I had a lot of opportunities to see the facial nerve branches, which makes me more confident to improve my facelift surgery and I have a new concept by the good teacher Dr. Bryan, thanks a lot.”
 – Dr. Jiarapeepan Narongdej – Thailand

“A worthwhile experience for those who want more confidence in facial nerve anatomy.”
 – Dr. Mark Hanikeri – Perth, Australia

“I want to thank the organizers for this great workshop. I had a great chance to learn and practice the theories. Regards.”
 – Khalid Alawadi – United Arab Emirates

“Thank you, Dr Mendelson and all the people organizing the course! This was a great opportunity, very powerful and presented in an excellent manner. The degree of professionalism and sincerity was absolutely admirable and everyone has felt welcome.  Thank you indeed for all the effort and good instruction, highly appreciated.”
 – Dr. Carmen Munteanu – Melbourne, Australia

“I am very glad to participate in this course. Thanks very much for all the team that prepared this interesting program. Respect and very high appreciation for Dr. Mendelson and all his colleagues. Sincerely.”
 – Dr. Ross Andrey – Moscow, Russia

“Thank you for the comprehensive lectures and perfect organization. The course was really great. It can be certainly recommended to all our colleagues! Especially thanks to Dr. Mendelson!”
 – Dr. Olga Nossova – Moscow, Russia

“Thank you Bryan for generously showing your vast knowledge and experience. I look forward to the next one!”
 – Dr. Sian Fairbank – Victoria, Australia

“This course is an invaluable resource for anyone performing facial surgery, aesthetic or otherwise. The anatomy is detailed, yet presented in a concise and intuitive manner. The opportunity to reinforce the course material by practical dissection solidifies the learning experience.”
 – Unknown

“Good spread of lectures and dissection – maximum of 2 hours of each as otherwise too difficult to concentrate. It would be good to have a picture including all of the spaces the three Premasseteric spaces – upper/middle/lower and buccal space. I saw this somewhere? Slide, but it was not in our dissection manual?”
 – Unknown

“Outstanding Course!  Maybe more clinical applications could be demonstrated. I appreciated the good availability of tutors and the detailed dissection notes. Thank you.”
 – Unknown

“Generally an excellent Course. Good balance of didactic lectures and dissection. Excellent quality cadaveric material. Nice to have a ‘model’ dissection to refer to (or perhaps a clinical video of the relevant maneuvers).”
 – Unknown

“Great Course. Mandatory for anyone doing facial aesthetic surgery.”
 – Unknown

“This course is really great. I think I have to come back again. This is not for the occasional facelift surgeon.”
 – Unknown

“Great Course. Good organisation. Excellent instructions, talks, hands on cadaver dissection to reinforce the didactic teaching.”
 – Unknown

“Thank you. Excellent Course. Would like more surgical input regarding suturing points. Very enjoyable. Dissection instructions not clear at times. Also need more anatomical diagrams in dissection manual for orientation.”
 – Unknown

The following testimonials / feedback were recorded from the 2010 meeting:

“The MAFAC is a brilliant course in facial anatomy and techniques. The mix of precise anatomical teaching and dissection leads to more expert knowledge that will lead to safer and improved patient outcomes.”
 – Mr Michael Woodfield FRCS

“Great course – good short 2 days, good instructor to dissector ratios. Good instruction and dissection. Would like to see other surgical approaches covered.”
 – Thomas Lam FRACS – New South Wales, Australia

“That’s the best meeting I have been to in I don’t know how many years.”
 – Unknown

“The course offers insight into safe facial surgery. The dissection is precise and well directed. The faculty dinner is an added bonus to what already is an intimate collegiate learning environment.”
 – Unknown

“The MAFAC has inspired me with new dimensions of the application of facial anatomy and vastly increased my understanding in facelift surgery.”
 – Unknown

“Brilliant! – systematic coverage of facial anatomy and the principals of safe experienced surgery, if it wasn’t for the facial nerve we wouldn’t be here.”
 – Unknown

“Great course – re-inspired by the anatomy dissection sessions. Would come back if dissection time was increased. Thanks for all the effort. Would be great if there were two per cadaver.”
 – Unknown