30 – 31 May 2014, Surgical Skills Laboratory ~ Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
This latest Course was clearly the best Course conducted by MAFAC in its six years. The continuous improvements were most evident in the way that participants developed confidence in their anatomy early in the dissections and were able to maintain their energy and enthusiasm levels for the free dissection session at the end of the second day.
One of the major reasons for this is the more congenial atmosphere of the Surgical Skills Laboratory at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons where the Course has moved to. Participants enjoyed the proximity to the city, the comfortable facilities with the lecture room right next to the dissection room. The catering was quality and included a barista present before the commencement as well as during the day.
As a couple of the Attendees wrote;
“I was very impressed not only with the standard of this Course, but the enthusiasm, passion and commitment of all the Faculty for teaching and sharing this amazing anatomy. I will probably re-do this Course in a few years.”
“This excellent Course gave participants a deep understanding of facial anatomy in just 2 days!”
For the first time the Course attracted more registrants from overseas than from Australia with notably three colleagues from South Korea and three from Taiwan. The move to the College and the experience of the dissection room Faculty are most beneficial for International attendees who we thank for their attendance.