November 8th and 9th 2013
27 Plastic surgeons attended this recently completed course in Melbourne. Participants came from Canada, USA, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as from Australia.
The progress in the teaching methodology is such that, compared to earlier courses, the attendees effortlessly understood the anatomical concepts and
followed this with considerably more success than usual in the dissection room. For example, in all 15 heads dissected, the temporal branches of the facial nerve were readily located and their course identified within the first hour of dissection. Later in the first afternoon, the premasseter space was entered in all cases and the multiple buccal branches and their relations were readily seen.
Whereas in earlier courses the participants were exhausted by mid afternoon of the second day of dissection, in this course the energy levels and into rest continued at a high level until the end. This was a reflection of the better directed dissection teaching.
The feedback was outstanding, with much gratitude from the attendees who could not believe how their understanding of facial anatomy had progressed beyond their expectation in just 2 days. They appreciated the Course Atlas and high definition surgical dissection video to take home. Some of the Course Comments are included on the Home page.
Looking ahead, the May 2014 Course is already over half filled, mainly with International surgeons and will be conducted at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Skills Laboratory in Spring St. Melbourne, to take advantage of the audiovisual equipment. Early registration is advised.