For surgeons wanting to advance their capabilities in Facelift surgery, the first step is to participate in a full MAFAC ‘hands on’ Cadaver Dissection Course to enhance your anatomical understanding. It is a must. This may be followed by a second course, to enable a higher appreciation of the understanding as well as the acquisition of surgical dissection skills based on the anatomy. Ideally you will undertake a Postgraduate MAFAC Course, these are exclusively for previous MAFAC Graduates.

Having demonstrated your commitment to a higher understanding of the anatomy, the resources of MAFAC are further available to assist the motivated surgeon to proceed to the next level.

Most of the experienced MAFAC Faculty and many of the MAFAC GRADUATES whose facelift practices have subsequently flourished, continue to offer their experience to MAFAC GRADUATES by making themselves available for Graduates who wish to learn from them individually, in their operating room by being an OBSERVER.

The MAFAC website lists the Surgeons who offer an Observership in many parts of the world.

Accordingly, when you see the published list of these surgeons, communicate your request directly with the surgeon of your choosing. This could be a ‘one off ‘visit for a day, but by individual arrangement with your intended host surgeon, may be extended, to several operating sessions to a full week, or more.

The surgeons you visit obtain great satisfaction from providing individual surgical teaching adjusted to the Observers level of experience and from seeing their visiting surgeons grasp the clinical surgery, often first learned in MAFAC. In addition to that satisfaction, there is a real enjoyment from the learning that comes from teaching.

There is a bond between MAFAC surgeons, as we all remember our early pre MAFAC days, when we were operating on the face without a clear understanding of the anatomy of the layers with the spaces and ligaments between them. After MAFAC, a sense of confidence and optimism inevitably develops from having this understanding.

There is no fee payable for participating in an Observership. Nor is there an obligation on the Host surgeon, who takes on an Observer. The only obligations on the Observer Surgeon are the usual courtesies to their Host surgeon and to post a report on the Mafac Website about their experience, with the interests in mind of other MAFAC GRADUATES looking to find the most appropriate Observership for their needs.

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our MAFAC SECRETARY, Jilda at




This list commenced in April 2016 and includes only surgeons who have been involved in higher anatomical education of the face, through the Mendelson Advanced Facial Anatomy Course and applied this understanding in no less than 50 facelifts. These surgeons have generously offered to share their surgical experience of anatomical based facelifts by providing ‘Visiting Observerships’ to Plastic Surgeons who have previously learnt at a Mendelson Advanced Facial Anatomy Course.

Please note that this introduction service is an informal arrangement between yourself and the teaching surgeon. To request a ‘Visiting Observership’, please communicate directly with the surgeon of your choosing from list below.

AUSTRALIABryan Mendelson (Faculty)
Mark Ashton(Faculty)
Peter Callan (Faculty)
Keith Mutimer(Faculty)
Tim Papadopoulos (Faculty)
Mark Magnusson (Faculty)
Scott Ingram (Faculty)
Howard Webster (Faculty)
Matt Hansen (Faculty)
Dan Kennedy (Faculty)
Jeremy Wilson (Faculty)
BRAZILRuth Graff (Faculty)
JAPANRyuichi Utsugi (Faculty)
SINGAPOREChin Ho Wong (Faculty)
SOUTH KOREAMin-Hee Ryu (Faculty)
UNITED STATES OF AMERICARichard Bensimon(Faculty)
Chris Surek (Faculty)


Dear colleagues,

After completing the MAFAC course, my perspective on facial aging pathology and facial rejuvenation changed. During the course I attended Dr Bryan Mendelson taught us not only to learn anatomy, but also to think about the anatomy. He also showed that as surgeons we need to perform an effective surgery in deep plane to achieve an effective surgical result.

Today MAFAC, offers the opportunity for previous graduating participants to observe live surgery by visiting faculty doctors that participate in the MAFAC Obsevership Program. In January 2020, I was accepted as the first observer by Dr Andrea Freschi in Argentina.

During the one-week intensive obervership program, I had the opportunity to witness deep plane facelift surgery and adjunctive methods. Not only is Dr Freschi a good facelift surgeon, but also a very good tutor and a very good friend. He has a great team with his anesthesiologist, nurse and assistant. I want to thank him very much for his time and dedication. Thanks also to our MAFAC secretary, Ms. Jilda, and to our mentor and teacher Dr. Mendelson.

Dr Zekeriya Kul
İstanbul – Turkey
January 2020

Dr Zekeriya Kul, Istanbul – Turkey