MAFAC Strongly Represented at ISAPS WORLD

Sixteen members of MAFAC presented at the first 48-hour non-stop around-the-globe fully virtual scientific conference held by ISAPS on 27-28 March 2021.

The unique ISAPS World Virtual Meeting event ran across 5 time zones, with customised regional programs. Over 48 hours, 400 expert speakers presented the latest in aesthetic education across a diverse scientific program. Sixteen of these speakers were MAFAC Faculty or alumni.

As this meeting was spread out over 48 hours, chances are that you missed one of the lectures of our faculty. Not to worry, we have collected most of the talks and made them available for our members through the MAFAC Academy. If you are not a member yet, please join here.


Bryan Mendelson – Bone Resorption vs. Bone Repletion vs. Filler (link)

Mark Ashton – Vascular Anatomy of the Face and HA Filler Complications (link)

Peter Callan – Anatomy of the Nose and Filler Complications

Scott Ingram – Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery (link)

Matt Hansen – Using Anatomy in the Neck to the Full Advantage (link)

Tim Papadopoulos – Forehead and Temple Anatomy (link)

Andrés Freschi – Deep Plane Facelift, The New Generation in Facial Rejuvenation Surgery (link)

Ryuichi Utsugi – Management of patient’s dissatisfaction related to facial expression after blepharoptosis surgery

Lennert Minelli – Australia Leading the Way in Facial Anatomy Research (link)

Darryl Hodgkinson – Surgical Rejuvenation Of The Lower Neck And Decolletage – The Sensual Neck (link)

Warwick Nettle – Hairline Lowering Forehead reduction; Subcutaneous facelift with SMAS plication; Management of malar mounds (NO LINK)