Dr Sam T. Hamra – Dallas, USA

Dr Sam T. Hamra – Dallas, USA

2019 Guest Faculty

Dr. Hamra has been a pioneer throughout his surgical career. Upon entering private practice, he was introduced to the original SMAS technique developed by Professor Tord Skoog of Sweden. In 1973, he and his associate, Dr. Mark Lemmon, were the first Americans to adopt this technique. Their award-winning work was first published in 1980.

Dr. Hamra was the first to introduce the inclusion of cheek fat (malar fat) to the facelift, which was published as the “Deep Plane Facelift” in 1990. He was the first to include the orbicularis muscle of the lower eyelid in the Deep Plane Facelift, which was published in 1992 as the “Composite Facelift.”

Now performed worldwide by numerous surgeons, Dr. Hamra is credited with originating and publishing the arcus marginalis release and septal reset procedures. These techniques preserve eyelid fat and use it to cover the orbital bone and smooth the transition from eyelid to cheek.

Dr. Hamra further modified and refined the Composite Facelift to its present state several years ago. His published description of the “hollow eye and lateral sweep” is the first article in the medical literature to define these common facelift problems and to instruct surgeons on how they can be corrected.

Dr. Hamra maintains a private practice in Dallas, but finds time to publish, teach and lecture worldwide