Dr Nina Schwaiger

Dr Nina Schwaiger

Faculty Support

After finishing her studies at the University of Vienna, Dr Nina Schwaiger commenced training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Graz, Austria in 2006. Prioir to specialising in Plastic Surgery, Dr Schwaiger completed her general medicine training in Austria. She then moved to Germany to finalize the Plastic Surgery training program in Hannover and Cologne. During her training, she worked as a medical research officer in Sydney to investigate a new anastomosis device in microsurgery in 2005.

Since 2010 Dr. Schwaiger has been employed at Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital, Wesseling, Germany where she works under the guidance of Dr. Dirk Richter. In 2013, Dr Schwaiger successfully passed her board exams in Germany. Her main interests include Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the face and body, especially periorbital surgery.

During 2015 and 2016 Dr. Schwaiger had the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Bryan Mendelson in Melbourne. She has co-authored several papers and book chapters over the last years and in 2017 has been invited to join the MAFAC support Faculty. Dr Schwaiger is currently working as a Consultant of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit at the Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital, Wesseling, Germany, but is currently on maternity-leave..

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