Dr Lennert Minelli

Dr Lennert Minelli

MAFAC Research Fellow

Dr Minelli is a Belgian plastic surgery resident. After graduating from the University of Antwerp in 2017, he commenced his plastic surgery training at the KU Leuven. His main interests are facial aesthetic surgery and head & neck reconstruction. After discontinuing the plastic surgery training program in 2019 he pursued the clarification of facial anatomy.

In 2019, Dr Minelli was invited by Dr Mendelson to attend the MAFAC 2019 course in Brisbane featuring Andrew Jacono and Sam Hamra. He spent time with Dr Mendelson in Melbourne to discuss possible research projects.

Dr Minelli passed the Australian Medical Council exam in February 2020 and was appointed the first Research Fellow of MAFAC in March 2020. He is currently working with the MAFAC faculty on a theory on the facial retaining system, prevention of recurrent platysmal banding and improving facelift outcomes on the corner of the mouth and the nasolabial fold.

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