A highlight of the last MAFAC Advanced Course, in Brisbane October  2019 was the teaching of Andrew Jacono, the Prince of the Deep Plane Facelift, from New York.

The Surgical demonstration performed by Andrew, on an excellent cadaver, was outstanding. In fact, several Faculty colleagues present who had visited him in New York to observe and learn mentioned they learned more about his technique from this teaching demonstration in Brisbane.  This demonstration is available, in high definition quality on the MAFAC Website enhanced with an excellent analysis by Keith Mutimer.

Andrew’s teaching has gone a major step further with the publication of his book, The Art and Science of Extended Deep Plane Facelifting.

Be prepared, this is a monumental 500 page book, focused on being fully informative, which it is.  In fact, in the Foreword to the book, Andrew gives favourable mention of his MAFAC involvement. Tim Papadopoulos, to share his personal impression, the Book Review is published here.

Combining the book with the Surgical Demonstration presents a Facelift smorgasbord for us.