The recent Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course included as part of the ASAPS Teaching Course Program in Montreal on May 14th attained new heights. Even with the additional difficulties posed by having the largest Course attendance ever! 41 Attendees as well as several Fellows/Residents observing.

The Faculty were all superb; respectful, attentive, patient, calm and gently encouraging. One could not help but be struck by the sight; as the Faculty Members were obvious, standing by each table, while the Attendees were in peak concentration, either dissecting or listening to their Tutor. I expect this sight was not lost on those who periodically called in to see what MAFAC is all about.

New Faculty included, Dr Richard Bensimon from Oregon, U.S.A and Howard Webster of Melbourne, while Keith Mutimer of Melbourne and Dan Kennedy of Brisbane, participating in their first International MAFAC with the American ASAPS Meeting. All these surgeons exceeded their established reputations.

The live dissection demonstrations seen in HD with a screen on each dissection table were a standout teaching advancement to the 10th MAFAC. The advances in projection quality and the professional camera, on a not insignificant gantry, helped enormously, as was the lighting provided by Dr John Vorrath of VorOtek, one of MAFAC’s leading sponsors.

A special mention to Mr Peter Callan of Geelong for his vision and for directing the filming upgrade, made possible by his persistence in guiding the camera position. The pinnacle of the filming was the superb lower lid dissection demonstration by Dr Chin-Ho of Singapore.

A special thanks to our Course Chairman, Professor Mark Ashton for his guidance and leadership.

The 2016 ASAPS Meeting, Las Vegas

In April 2016 at the next Annual ASAPS Meeting in Las Vegas, the International MAFAC tradition will continue. Meanwhile, preparations for the Annual MAFAC in November continue with places extremely limited!

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