MAFAC Course Details

Over the last decade, there have been significant advances in our knowledge of facial anatomy. However, surgeons are aware of the major gap between learning the theory and obtaining real understanding sufficient for surgical application.

The Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course is based on the realisation that it is only through personal involvement with the anatomy, using quality cadaver dissection that true understanding can be properly obtained.

The Course is based on a combination of theory balanced with practice. The theory consists of a few concise lectures on the Principles of Facial Anatomy. Then the Principles and details of each Region are applied through the structured series of six Dissection Sessions.  The value of each Dissection Session is maximised by the Course Dissection instructional video and the ‘step by step’ Dissection Manual, supported by the faculty of experienced plastic surgery tutors who are close at hand.

To maximise each attendees ‘hands on’ experience, the dissections are performed on fresh cadavers for proper surgical simulation and there are only 2 participants for each head over the two full days of the Course.

At the conclusion, the attendees have a confident understanding of how the facial nerve branches relate to the soft tissue layers and spaces and the intervening retaining ligaments and septae of the face. Importantly, they have learnt the correct surgical techniques to safely and efficiently utilise these areas for anatomically correct surgery.

“We have repeatedly shown MAFAC can take a Plastic Surgeon from a state of general confusion about facial anatomy and within the time frame of the workshop have them leave with a clear understanding and the confidence that this can be effectively applied with safely”.   Bryan Mendelson

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