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Anatomy News – Tagliacozzi Corner

This new section on the MAFAC website will feature regular updates on anatomy and the ongoing research by the new MAFAC Research Fellow. This new position in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Melbourne is named after Gaspare Tagliacozzi, Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at the University of Bologna who wrote the first book on reconstructive plastic surgery in 1597.

Tagliacozzi’s Corner: A New Haven for Anatomy News

With the MAFAC Course having grown to become internationally renowned, it has raised the bar for anatomy teaching and learning worldwide. The international faculty meets regularly to discuss facial anatomy, sharing knowledge and stimulating the development of new ideas. As a result, an independent institution of learning facial anatomy has spontaneously formed through the years, where both faculty and past attendees come to find answers on anatomy. THE PHILOSOPHY OF MAFAC Dr. Bryan Mendelson, one of the founding fathers and soul of MAFAC, has always envisioned the philosophy of MAFAC to be different from traditional surgical teaching. Traditional teaching [...]

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