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Anatomy News – Tagliacozzi Corner

This new section on the MAFAC website will feature regular updates on anatomy and the ongoing research by the new MAFAC Research Fellow. This new position is named after Gaspare Tagliacozzi, Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at the University of Bologna who wrote the first book on reconstructive plastic surgery in 1597.

Visit with Dr. Francisco Gomez Bravo in Madrid

During the last week of August, MAFAC’s Tagliacozzi Research Fellow, Dr. Lennert Minelli, visited Dr. Francisco Gomez Bravo in Madrid, Spain. The world-renowned neck-lift specialist had the week fully packed with extensive surgeries and new international patient intakes, as well as Spanish culture and a gourmet dinner. The entire experience was at a level that can only be expected of a master surgeon. A brief summary of the surgical innovations that were learned by our Tagliacozzi Fellow are described below for the interest of the MAFAC faculty and members. Due to the extensive number of innovative techniques, the following report [...]

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Dr Andrew Jacono’s Book Review by Dr Tim Papadopoulos.

A highlight of the last MAFAC Advanced Course, in Brisbane October  2019 was the teaching of Andrew Jacono, the Prince of the Deep Plane Facelift, from New York. The Surgical demonstration performed by Andrew, on an excellent cadaver, was outstanding. In fact, several Faculty colleagues present who had visited him in New York to observe and learn mentioned they learned more about his technique from this teaching demonstration in Brisbane.  This demonstration is available, in high definition quality on the MAFAC Website enhanced with an excellent analysis by Keith Mutimer. Andrew’s teaching has gone a major step further with [...]

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  • university of Groningen

MAFAC’S Tagliacozzi Research Fellow was offered a PHD position at University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Europe’s first professor of aesthetic plastic surgery, Prof. dr. Berend van der Lei, who is affiliated with the University Medical Centre Groningen, offered Dr. Lennert Minelli, a PhD position for the ongoing research and Dr. Bryan Mendelson to become the promotor of this PhD project. The Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) was founded in 1614 and is the second-oldest university in The Netherlands. It is placed in the top 100 universities worldwide according to three ranking tables and is among the European top in the field of academic research. The University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) is the hospital affiliated with the University [...]

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  • Dr Von Hagens

MAFAC Announces New Collaboration With Dr. Von Hagens’ Plastination Laboratory

MAFAC Announces New Collaboration With Dr. Von Hagens’ Plastination Laboratory The Gubener Plastinate Company near Berlin, Germany, which was founded by legendary Dr. Gunther von Hagens, is considered the world leader in the art/science of plastination. The plastinarium has accepted to work with MAFAC on the production of a series of sheet plastination slices which will be invaluable for the ongoing research done by MAFAC. Sheet plastination will be invaluable for the research done by the MAFAC research team as it provides additional evidence to support the cadaver dissection findings. The advantage of sheet plastination is that it can study [...]

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  • yonsei university

MAFAC Partners with the World Authority of Soft-Tissue Micro-CT

MAFAC Partners with the World Authority of Soft-Tissue Micro-CT, Prof. Hun-Mu Yang From The Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea Prof. Hun-Mu Yang and his team, who have published the world’s leading papers on the use of micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) for the demonstration of soft tissue organization, have accepted to work with MAFAC on the production of micro-CT scans of the midcheek and jowl tissues, which will serve as supportive evidence of the anatomical dissection studies conducted by the MAFAC Research team. Micro-CT is a new technique developed over the last few decades. It is a miniaturized [...]

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The Medical Engineering Research Facility Of The Queensland University Of Technology Becomes New Home For The MAFAC Research

The Medical Engineering Research Facility Of The Queensland University Of Technology Becomes New Home For The MAFAC Research The second part of the Tagliacozzi facial anatomy research will be conducted at the Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF) of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This comes after the University of Melbourne’s Department of Anatomy was unable to assist with ongoing research. The Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF) is no stranger to the MAFAC Faculty and attendants. Many Faculty members agree that the last MAFAC cadaver dissection course, which was held at MERF, was one of the best MAFAC courses to [...]

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  • ISAPS World 2021

MAFAC Strongly Represented at ISAPS WORLD

MAFAC Strongly Represented at ISAPS WORLD Sixteen members of MAFAC presented at the first 48-hour non-stop around-the-globe fully virtual scientific conference held by ISAPS on 27-28 March 2021. The unique ISAPS World Virtual Meeting event ran across 5 time zones, with customised regional programs. Over 48 hours, 400 expert speakers presented the latest in aesthetic education across a diverse scientific program. Sixteen of these speakers were MAFAC Faculty or alumni. As this meeting was spread out over 48 hours, chances are that you missed one of the lectures of our faculty. Not to worry, we have collected most of the [...]

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  • Meeting

The Christmas MAFAC Research Meetings

The Christmas MAFAC Research Meetings In November and December, MAFAC organised two follow-up Research Meetings. The progress of the research was discussed, and more in-depth presentations were given. Speakers included Dr. Jeremy Wilson, Dr. Andrés Freschi and Prof. Mark Ashton.  Dr. Jeremy Wilson, a plastic surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, first presented on the biomechanics of soft tissue deformation and a model called tensegrity. The concept of tensegrity is very well known amongst engineers but innovative in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Wilson has been working on the concept of tensegrity in soft tissues for the past two [...]

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MAFAC Held its First Research Meeting

On September 4th 2020, the first MAFAC Research Meeting took place. This virtual meeting was unique as it was the very first meeting with leading international plastic surgeons and anatomists to focus exclusively on discussing facelift anatomy in detail. This meeting was recorded and is available for members of the MAFAC Academy. On September 4th, 2020 at 7 PM AEST, more than twenty plastic surgeons and anatomists from nearly all continents joined to take part in the first MAFAC Research Meeting. This unique event provided quality discussions on facial anatomy concepts that challenge traditional beliefs and anatomical teaching. [...]

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  • A Building is only as strong as its Foundation

A Building is only as strong as its Foundation

Dr. Justin O’Brien, a Brighton-based ENT surgeon and one of the original MAFAC members, has allowed his thesis on facial anatomy to be shared on the MAFAC website. Although the majority of the findings were published in four papers and one textbook chapter, the unpublished findings form the groundwork for the future research. The thesis of the Brighton-based ENT surgeon Justin O’Brien, titled “The Relationship of the Facial Nerve Rami to the Tissue Layers, Spaces, and Retaining Ligaments of the Face”, will be available through the MAFAC website in the section Anatomy News. Dr. O’Brien was an original MAFAC [...]

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Tagliacozzi’s Corner: A New Haven for Anatomy News

With the MAFAC Course having grown to become internationally renowned, it has raised the bar for anatomy teaching and learning worldwide. The international faculty meets regularly to discuss facial anatomy, sharing knowledge and stimulating the development of new ideas. As a result, an independent institution of learning facial anatomy has spontaneously formed through the years, where both faculty and past attendees come to find answers on anatomy. THE PHILOSOPHY OF MAFAC Dr. Bryan Mendelson, one of the founding fathers and soul of MAFAC, has always envisioned the philosophy of MAFAC to be different from traditional surgical teaching. Traditional teaching [...]

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