The 2012, 4th Annual Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course was recently held on 9th and 10th November.  This Course was fully subscribed 3 months ahead of time and was the largest Course ever with 30 Attendees, the maximum that can be catered for in the dissection room.

Half of the Attendees came from out of Australia, the furthest being from Stockholm, Dr. Thorir Audlfsson and the next furthest from Cyprus, Dr. Christos Merezas.

The response to the Course was overwhelmingly positive with most of the Attendees expressing their extreme satisfaction with the quality of education and how much they had learnt from the guided dissection experience.

Already the 2013 Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course is half filled with only 15 places remaining.

Enter your expression of interest as soon as possible to ensure that you will not have to wait until 2014.